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Dr.Muna Al-Khaifi


Dr. Al-Khaifi completed a Family Medicine residency program at the University of Toronto in 2018.  Subsequently, she completed a Women’s Health Fellowship at Women’s College Hospital in 2019 and a fellowship in Breast Diseases at the CIBC Breast Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital in 2021.  Dr. Al-Khaifi also has successfully completed a Master of Public Health at Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto.


Dr. Al-Khaifi is a competent physician who is passionate about delivering high-quality care, with a particular focus on women’s health and breast disease, specifically breast cancer survivorship care. She also has a women’s health-focused practice at a private clinic in Toronto.


Dr. Al-Khaifi is passionate about patient education, specifically in the area of breast cancer. Dr. Al-Khaifi aims to bring her experience in caring for marginalized populations to examine how teams can meet the needs of the most disadvantaged women diagnosed with breast cancer. Her goal is to provide a space for care that is culturally safe and non-judgmental. She is also a public speaker, and she has been invited to present her work on breast cancer survivorship care at several national and international conferences and sessions. Dr. Alkhaifi is passionate about incorporating more novel programs into postgraduate medical education and to enhance important competencies, such as empathy and cultural sensitivity.  


Dr. Alkhaifi has many other hobbies and interests, including dancing, biking, skiing, skating and fashion. She is a mother of two boys.   

I am  specialized in:

Breast Diseases  •  Women's Health  • Sexual Health  • Menopause

My  Goal

To advocate for high quality, evidence-based and individualized survivorship care for people who’ve been affected by breast cancer.
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My Approach


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Given my lived experience as a breast disease specialist, I met many breast cancer survivors who continue to suffer after the completion of treatment . Many of them have told me that while they felt they had lots of information and support during their illness, once treatment stopped, they entered a whole new world. I felt their anxieties, uncertainties and fears. I realized that we can do more to help our patients. I felt responsible and decided to create this website to provide them with trusted information and support.


My intention is that every breast cancer survivor who comes across this space finds something relevant and helpful here. I also hope that other physicians find some guidance to support the provision of breast cancer survivorship care. 


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