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Other Resources 

Good places to start:

  •  After Treatment Ends (Canadian Cancer Society)

  •  Cancer Survivorship (US National Cancer Institute)

  •  Survivorship (Cancer.Net)

  •  Survivorship: During and After Treatment (American Cancer Society)


More survivorship websites

  • Cancer and Work (BC Cancer, McGill University, deSouza Institute & Canadia Partnership Against Cancer)

  • Living Beyond Cancer (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)

  •  Office of Cancer Survivorship (US National Cancer Institute)

Support websites

  • Cancer: Thriving and Surviving Self-Management Program (Self-Management BC) - free workshops held in various locations in BC

  •  Cancer Chat Canada

  •  Cancer Survivors Network (American Cancer Society) 

  •  National Children's Cancer Society (US)

  •  National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (US)


Books and pamphlets

  •  ASCO Answers: Cancer Survivorship (American Society of Clinical Oncology)

  •  Cancer Resource: Living with Cancer (American Institute for Cancer Research)

  •  Facing Forward: Life After Cancer (US National Cancer Institute)

  •  Facing Forward: When Someone You Love has Completed Treatment (US National Cancer Institute)

  •  Life after Cancer Treatment (Canadian Cancer Society)



  •  After Treatment and Survivorship Videos (Cancer.Net)

  •  Survivorship Videos (American Cancer Society)


Practice guidelines

  •  Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines for Cancer Survivors (American Cancer Society)

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