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Healing Through Art 

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves the use of visual art-making (drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, etc.). In a therapeutic setting Art Therapy (AT) uses visual art-making for expression and communication and has been shown to reduce psychological and physical symptoms in individuals with cancer. Emotion processing is a potential mechanism through which reduction of depression and somatic symptoms in cancer patients can occur. The use of art as a mechanism to visualize, understand and make meaning from illness and disease is not a recent phenomenon. Although the literature is limited on the therapeutic role of viewing art, many patients and artists have begun to describe the benefits and usefulness of engagement in art-related activities in creating meaning from the experience of illness. Art therapy (with an art therapist) and art-making (without an art therapist) shows promise as avenues for psychosocial support for women with breast cancer. 


We also offer free Creative Art Making Workshop lead by Sarah Mody, a breast cancer survivor who wanted to share her cancer and art experience . If you want to share your artwork here please contact us at

Below are some of the artworks of our survivors.

Survivors ArtWORK Gallery 

Art work by Sarah Mody

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